If You Walkin' Alone

If You Walkin' Alone is a single released by Donna Summer under her maiden name "Donna Gaines."

The single was released in 1972 by Philips Records in Germany. The song was written by Donna & H. Hammerschmied.

Song BackgroundEdit

The single would've been released at the time Donna was living in Germany, having moved there some years ago to star in a touring production of "Hair."

She had settled in the country and sung in several other musicals, as well as with the Viennese Folk Opera.

The previous year, Donna released another one-off single with MCA Records entitled "Sally Go Round The Roses" (which is a rare collector's item).

In 1974, Donna began working with Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte and start releasing records under her new married name (she married an Austrian actor in 1972 named Helmut Sommer and would later anglicise his surname to create her new stage name.)

Donna, Giorgio & Pete would become long-term collaborators and establish Donna as the leading female disco singer throughout the late 1970s.

The single didn't chart and is also considered a rare collector's item.

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