Denver Dream

Denver Dream is a single released by Donna Summer and her first collaboration with songwriting team Giorgio Moroder & Pete Bellotte.

The single was released in 1974 by Lark Records in the Netherlands, Belgium & France. It was written by Pete (who also produced the song with Giorgio).

Song BackgroundEdit

At the time, Donna was residing in Munich, Germany, singing backup vocals for groups such as Three Dog Night.

Through her job as a backup singer, Donna met Giorgio and before long, he started using her as a lead vocalist.

The single also marked the first usage of Donna's stage name (she had previously been credited as Donna Gaines, but she had anglicised her married name to Austrian actor Helmut Sommer).


In 1977, the B-side song "Something's in the Wind" was re-worked into the song "Back in Love Again" (which would later become a top-40 hit song in the United Kingdom).

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